Thursday, May 03, 2012

Logitech is releasing their new Solar Powered Keyboard Folio for iPad 3 and iPad 2

Logitech announced their new Solar Powered Keyboard Folio on May 3rd. It's a special keyboard case for the new iPad and iPad 2 users which you can fold. It integrates a solar powered keyboard for your iPad.

The new Solar Keyboard Folio cover will wrap itself around the back of your iPad providing the keyboard folded over on the screen. It uses magnets to keep up with the instant wake or sleep facility of iPad. The solar panel added a little width to iPad for the batteries but it's not too much.

Logitech's Solar Keyboard Folio is somewhat similar to their solar keyboards for mac and PC. So like them, it contains onboard solar cells which can keep the built-in bluetooth keyboard charged whether it is inside or outside. When you charge it up fully and use it averagely two hours each day, the solar battery stays alive for nearly two years even if you keep it in a completely dark place.

Solar keyboard folio folds like Apple's Smart Cover to provide a stand for your iPad. You can position it in two ways- upright placement providing full ingress to the keyboard for typing easily and a reclined placement which places the iPad on top of the keyboard only revealing the bottom row with full media playback controls for watching video in a better way.

The announced retail price for Logitech's Solar Keyboard Folio is $130. It may seem a bit expensive but with the back protection it provides and no charging requirement the price will seem satisfactory if you look closely. This long life keyboard will be available in United States and Europe near the last quarter of this month.



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