Monday, April 16, 2012

Google Drive is going to be released within a week with 5GB of free cloud storage

Google recently came up with the idea of providing cloud storage facility for its users named as Google Drive. So far they didn't leaked any specific information about their upcoming service. But a little information has been leaked recently about the facility users are going to achieve from Google Drive.
Google drive is going to be released any time now. Though Google didn't mention about any specific date. It's supposed that Google is going to launch their new service on the next week. The leaked information also revealed that Google Drive is going to proffer about 5GB of free cloud space to its users.

The new Google Drive puts Google in a better position with more storage facility. Google has enough resources to cover such effort for their users. The well known Dropbox provides only 2GB of free cloud space and the iCloud and Box provide about 5GB of free cloud space. Now Google comes in real competition with them.

But still there is a fact that Microsoft's Skydrive provides about 25GB of free space. Now what about that? Google drive is going to proffer only 20% of Skydrive. The real fact is, in my point of view, if you consider the large amount of songs people can upload in Google Music and the huge collection of photos they have in Google or Picasa 5GB will suffice.

Google Drive will provide more flexibility and customization facilities to its users. Users can surely buy more spaces if 5GB doesn't seem enough, but I don't think much people will go for buying more spaces. So wait till the middle of next week to enjoy Google Drive.



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