Friday, April 06, 2012

Apple's anticipated TV "iPanel" going to launch this year

Recent news revealed that Apple's new television set may be called as iPanel. It is expected to be released near the end of this year. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek declared about his confidence in the release of iPanel at the fourth quarter of this year.

Misek also preferred the name of the television as iPanel rather than iTV. Why not iTV? after asking this question he said that iTV doesn't match with this device with multiple functionality as it is far more than a TV. It's a display, gaming center, computer, media hub and home automator in addition to other facilities. This justifies the name "iPanel" a little more.

iTV is also the short form of a British TV channel named Independent Television. It is a very popular TV channel, so Apple doesn't want to get mixed up with this name.

A rumor was spread about Apple's release of a new television set for over a year. Previously it was called as Apple TV as the name was not chosen at that time. Recently after a lot of discussion among the specialists Apple decided to name their new television set as iPanel.

 The average price of iPanel is supposed as $1,250 with 30 percent gross margins. It is expected that Apple will start the production of iPanel commercially from May or June. 2-5 million television sets are going to be built in time to launch the product at the end of this year. So get ready and stay buzzed for Apple's iPanel.



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