Sunday, April 08, 2012

Google's successful ongoing Research on Augmented Reality Glasses

Have you ever dreamt of a heads-up display? If yes, then your dream may just come true because of Google's new research on augmented reality glass which puts Google function right in front of your eyes. Very soon this glass will be available in the market and it will let you do what exactly you dreamt of.

Google has just posted  a video in Google+ giving a little information about this product which is currently under development. In this video you will find a glass-wearer who goes through his day making appointment to meet friends, capturing pictures of the street and doing other stuffs.

The developers working on this project ask for feedback on the Google+ page to make this project more successful. It seems that its price will be almost like an android phone within $250 to $600. 

This glass will give you opportunity to enjoy 14 different services including the weather information. The glass is equipped with GPS facility, 4G internet connection, music player and video camera. The glass-wearers will be able to handle this device with both the voice command and head tilts. It has a small display in the upper right hand corner of the glass associated with several buttons for different services.

No doubt this glass is another revolutionary product in Google history. Technology lovers from all over the world are looking forward to use this product.



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