Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Samsung is releasing Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" by October

Samsung is planning to reveal a Windows phone in October. The phone will be made with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 OS. Samsung would have to compete with HTC & Nokia to set their Windows phone in the limelight.
As HTC is also bringing HTC Titan II using Mango OS. Nokia is also trying to dominate the smartphone market with their new Lumia 900. But Samsung has skipped producing smartphones using Mango OS.

Samsung is now on top position among these two companies with their latest Galaxy S III. They are also trying to build a good market in smartphone arena with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 OS. So, that will be a great benefit for Samsung to grab the smartphone market as Windows Phone 8 OS of Microsoft will definitely be structured with something innovative and totally new to compete with Google's Android and Apple's iOS as now Apple and Google are the leading players in this mobile OS field.
Apple will also unveil their latest most demanding iPhone5 within a short time. So it will surely be a cold war between Samsung and Apple that time. Microsoft will release their Windows Phone 8 OS codenamed Apollo by October. So after releasing the OS Samsung has planned to reveal this smartphone in October. Actually this is the main cause of releasing the phone in October. Samsung officials have confirmed the device will come along offering great features that the customers can not imagine.



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