Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Intel prepares to evade Chinese Technology Sector

Intel, the well known American semiconductor chip maker industry, plans to evade China's large technology sector to compete with their smartphone and tablet PC producers.

The Chinese chairperson of Intel Corporation Sean Maloney said to a Chinese networking site that their goal is to win China with smartphones and tablets produced by Intel. To do so Intel is materializing new chips along with mobile chip Medfield which will provide improved power savings and better computing. Maloney told that Intel's silicon strengths will be used to achieve that goal.

Maloney declared later in the Intel's annual developer forum held in Beijing that soon Intel will show a demo of  Medfield. Medifield is usable both in tablets and smartphones. At the beginning of the year Intel declared at the Consumer Electronics show that Lenovo and Motorola will soon start the production of smartphones using their new Medfield chip.

Intel recently made a deal with Lenovo which can help them to dominate over ARM, a company from UK The PC vendor from China already plans to launch Intel Medfield Phone near the second quarter of this year together with China Unicorn,a local carrier. They named the smartphone as K800. 

Intel already ensured their domination in tablet market with their latest release of Windows 8 OS which is totally synchronized with the tablets. But Intel also engaged another large team of engineers in Android development as they want to focus on using Android in smartphones. 

Dominating over mobile chip market won't be an easy task for Intel as giants like ARM, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Samsung already gained high portfolios in chip production at a competitive price. Besides tablet and smartphones Intel will soon emphasize on notebook market. According to Maloney in near future, Intel will release Ultrabooks which can surely dominate over any notebooks available in the market. So lets wait and watch whether Intel can take over the Chinese smartphone and tablet market.



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