Friday, May 25, 2012

M-Edge iPhone SuperShell for better protection of your iPhone

M-Edge, the famous case developer company came up with their new Bouncy iPhone case near the end of last year. Their new product has bouncing capability with bulkier corners which makes iPhone lot less vulnerable to damages after falling.

M-Edge released the new bouncing case in four distinguishable colors - black, blue, pink and purple. For easy gripping the whole cover is dimpled decoratively. It may not be the thinnest case available for iPhone in the market but the protection it provides is a lot more satisfying for the users who usually drops their phone often.

The bulky corners of the case enable the phone to bounce up when it drops down. This case is made up with shock absorbing closed-cell foam. It fits around all the edges with the accessibility in all ports.

iPhone users can buy this great case for their phone from M-Edge Website at a price of $30. So order your M-Edge iPhone SuperShell Today.
You can see the following video for knowing how the bouncing works for your phone.



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