Monday, April 02, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg considering addition of Hate button in Facebook

Facebook's developer Mark Zuckerberg added the like button for its users in 2010. After two years of this addition Zuckerberg is considering the thought of adding the Hate button as well after watching the popularity gained by the Like button.

Users from all around the world are generating almost 2.7 billion likes and comments every day. Facebook expects to doubles that amount by adding the Hate button. Many popular pages achieved over 20 million likes. Zuckerberg thinks that the Hate button is going to top that easily.

After the announcement of Like button Mark Zuckerberg boldly declared that in first 24 hours there would be 1 billion likes. Mark is appraising that there will be over 2 billion hates across the web on the 1st day. A study recently revealed the fact that people usually hate more things in the Internet than liking them. So, Facebook decides to add the hate button along with the like button.

A debate arose whether that button to be named as "Hate" or "Unlike". It is presumed that the Hate button will rise Facebook's valuation a lot more ahead of IPO. By the start of this month Facebook already changed the 2-click like button to a 1-click like bar in Facebook mobile. They also did a little experiment on the "Fax" button. Some other buttons are also under consideration like "Meh", "Love", "Who Cares", "+11" which may cause a button explosion.

The Hate button is still under consideration causing a lot of internal debate. But if this button is added then people can also express their feelings by clicking that if they do not like something. This idea is mainly favored by the product and sales team of Facebook though a lot of inner members are opposing the idea. Despite so many rumors still Facebook did not declare about their new button officially.



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