Saturday, April 07, 2012

Samsung's New Ultra High Speed-1 microSD Memory Card

Samsung Electronic Corporation has just announced their latest revolutionary product ultra high speed-1 microSD memory card with UHS-1 interface.

It is the best memory card till now for sure because of its highest speed, top class performance on latest LTE(Long Term Evolution) smartphones as well as many more advanced mobile applications.

It gives consumer much more flexibility to enjoy quality images and video playback directly from the memory card. This small device is packed with more amazing features. It supports advanced performance features of all kind of latest diverse digital gadgets.

Samsung has confirmed that this microSD memory card  has been built with their 20nm-class 64GB chip with toggle DDR 2.0 support. Initially this UHS-1 memory card comes in a 16 gigabyte(GB) density. This 16GB memory card ensures the world's highest read speed of 80 megabytes per second which is more than four times the current microSD memory cards having only 21 megabytes per second.
Samsung is planning to expand its storage capacity so that it can fill up the needs of all consumer. Samsung is going to release this new product near the 3rd quarter of this year.



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