Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Intel's Cove Point Ultra Book running Windows 8 OS will cost $1000

intel cove1

Intel is going to release ultrabook hybrid tablet+notebook to make you forget about the traditional notebooks or tablets available in the market. Their new Cove Point ultrabook can server both as a tablet or a notebook PC.

In the Intel Developer Forum held in Beijing last week Intel showed their new notebook-tablet hybrid known as Cove Point ultrabook. It has an upper multi-touch display to use it as a tablet when it is closed and also a keyboard to use the Cove Point as a notebook.
The Director of Marketing in the PC Client Solution Division, Gary Richman declared that it has evolved over time with different form factors under consideration. Intel's Cove Point ultrabook is somewhat similar to the ASUS Transformer Prime. You can call it a hybrid tablet which is for those who can not decide whether to buy a tablet or a notebook.

intel cove2

The keyboard usually stays behind the back of the display when the device stays in closed condition and makes it look like a perfect tablet. You can simply push the screen to pop up the hidden fully functional keyboard and using a stand provided with the ultrabook you can start using it as a usual notebook..Cove Point supports additional folding methods to enable its users to watch movie or do any other things at ease.

The most dazzling thing is that Intel's Cove Point is not some tablet with keyboard like the Transformer Prime but it works as a fully functional PC. It will run the upcoming Windows 8 OS on Intel's yet to be released Ivy Bridge CPU. Cove Point will also come up with 12.5 inch multi touch display, 2 USB 3.0 ports along with an HDMI port.

Intel's Cove Point ultrabook is going to cost about $1000. It will surely produce a large effect on the tablet market in China. And the predicted domination of Intel over China's tablet market may come true with the release of Cove Point ultrabook. You can see the following video and watch more models of the Cove Point ultrabook showed in the Beijing's IDF.



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