Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easily mark large amount of unread emails as read

Reading the title you might be shocked! Who the hell doesn't know how to mark unread emails as read in Gmail! But who realized what I meant by large amount they will surely get what I am trying to say.
You can easily mark emails as read by selecting unread emails and from more selecting mark all as read. But what if when the amount is like this-

You have to do the following few steps to mark al of them as read.

  • In the search mail box type label:unread.

  • You will be shown the last 20 unread messages. Now select all 20 messages according to the following picture and then you will see an option like "Select all conversations that match this search" to pop up. Click it.

  • Now just click more and select "Mark as read" to see your inbox empty.



  1. this was awesome. totally easy and it worked. thank you