Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tips for building a SEO friendly website

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role in the website ranking and overall traffic & popularity. So every website owners should know about SEO in depth. To get some traffic and hold the existing traffic website must contain different relevant contents. It gives your readers extra taste.

Mixing up technical contents attract readers more. Some essential steps for SEO has been described below one by one. Just follow these and see the results.

  • Researching Keywords -  Keyword tells the search engine about your website.Research a great keyword which gives you more traffic & use the keywords in many body contents of the website.
  • Title tag -  In your HTML code you will find this tag.Write something innovative that suits your website more.It has to be unique.Perfect word that tells the search engine about your website using only one words.It helps search engine to find out your website when people searches for content same as your website.
  • Coding -  Try to avoid using JavaScript in the code.Because search engine gets blocked when finds a JavaScript code.Use HTML rather than JavaScript makes your site easy finding out for search engine.It gives you more traffic & good ranking also.
  • Avoid Software -  Now-a-days there are many software for SEO.But they all are good for nothing.The software does not know about your demand.You are all in all for your website if you pays attention on these matters.You will be SEO master soon.Then you will know yourself what is needed for your website's SEO.Using software makes your website's SEO complex.
  • Meta Tag -  Meta tag is also another useful tag for SEO.It also helps your site found in the time of relevant search.You give a description about your website,website language,country in different meta tag one after another.

These steps may help you for your website's overall SEO building process. These will help you to increase traffic and to have a satisfactory page rank in Google.



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