Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NASA revealed special glasses for pilot

National Aeronautics and Space Administration(Nasa), the USA based space program agency recently revealed a special glass for pilot to see through fog. Foggy weather has always been a great challenge for pilots to control the plane. The worst ever aviation disaster happened in 1977 losing 583 lives.

For a long time NASA has been trying to solve this problem so that pilot can be able to control the plane during foggy weathers without having referred to airport map.

NASA glass

To solve this problem NASA has been working on a pair of augmented glasses. The headset weighs about 113gm containing a lens to fit over one eye providing variety information along with the virtual view of surroundings.

US space agency makes this product final for commercialization earlier of March,2012. NASA is still working on this headgear for its overall progress.



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