Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tips for slow computer - Make your computer faster

Now-a-days computer getting slow is normal. But it can be prevented by taking some easy but authentic steps on regular basis. Actually PC slows down because of overloading of files and different programs. It leads to low hard disk space. Corrupted OS, spyware and virus is also responsible for slowing down your PC.There is a lot of ways to get rid of the problem.

Basic Tasks -
Computer getting slow on the time of performing task means that you need to update the windows regularly. To protect computer from different viruses you must use Antivirus. There are lots of great anti-viruses are available which can do the job well. Registry repair can also help in this. In a computer it is recommended that only one security suit is used. The cooling fan and heat sink requires regular cleaning. You must avoid using shortcut because it creates great pressure on your computer.

Technical Tasks -
There is some technical task you can do to make your computer faster if your OS is powered by Windows. At first go to your start menu, start Run program and type in it "temp". Then press enter & you'll find a new window showing some files & folders. Delete those files and folders. Then do the same thing by typing in the Run program "%temp%" and "prefetch". Again delete the files and folders shown. Then refresh your computer and see the result. Your computer is definitely faster than past.

Uninstall unnecessary and unused application by going to "Control Panel". Make sure your IIS & SQL server are turned off. Delete the cookies & web histories from your web browser. List of recently visited webpages are recommended to be reduced. Defragmenting hard drives is also a solution. Adding memory in your system is also helpful.

Some anti-virus can slow your PC if you have low system configuration. So you have to be careful about using anti-viruses. Anti-virus like Avira, Avast doesn,t slow your system but a great threat to virus. So you can use these if your computer has low configuration..

Using a slow PC can be a real pain. If you are using windows OS and following all these steps doesn't help much then you better change your OS to Linux or Mac. They are very fast with all features in very low configurations.



  1. You can even do disk defragmentation and registry cleanup.